Teaching Artist: Kathe Umlauf

Core Group Teacher: Betty White

Art Specialist: Camille Dempsey

Planning Date: 10/23/12

Date(s) when Teaching Artist observes the school culture and classrooms: October 30, 2012

Date(s) when Arts Specialist Visits: 11/27/12 & 12/11/12

Residency Dates: 11/6/12 - 12/21/12

Gallery Event: 12/21/12

Final Reflection Meeting: 12/11/12

Documentation: See below...

Learning Objectives: Students in Mrs. White’s fifth grade class will utilize the visual arts to improve students reading, writing, speaking/listening and research skills with a focus on informative and explanatory writing, conducting research. Students will construct a three-dimensional avatar, create a mythological story, documenting the processes through video, as well as to create a performance based on their story and the piece.

5th Grade Paper Exploration: Creature Collabortation
Students combined an animal with a primal culture group to generate a new mythological creature through 3D paper forms. They were based on non-fiction reading in social studies about people in ancient cultures. This slide show contains images from the process of exploring the properties of paper, assembling and painting their large scale avatars, as well as performing with them. These constructions will be included for display in a Cambridge Springs Gallery and later installed in the school.

Student Comments about Social Studies During The Residency

Early Stages of Production & Assembling (Measuring, Cutting and Gluing):
Video 1 - 5th Grade Students Exploring Paper: Collaborative Creature Constructions, #1

Video 2 - 5th Grade Students Exploring Paper: Collaborative Creature Constructions, #2

Video 3 - 5th Grade Students Exploring Paper: Collaborative Creature Constructions #3

In the next series of video clips, students work on constructing their collaborative pieces and perform with them while reading their reports. Students also created acrostic poems related to their learning and explored other non-fiction writing and reading activities along with this activity.
Student Group 1:

Student Group 2:

Student Group 3:

Student Group 4:

Student Group 5:

Student Group 6:

5th Grade Acrostic Poems Related to Non-Fiction Stories of Places:

Student Report Samples:

Student Report Samples:

5th Grade Student Self-Assessment:
Umlauf Self_Assessment Sample.jpg

5th Grade Student Self-Assessment Examples:Umlauf_student_rubric2.jpg


Gallery Event Documentation - Coming Soon...

Residency Planning Document: