ELED 747.001
Art Workshop for Elementary Teachers
Opening Event for Year Three of Art in Action (Rosemary Omniewksi, Melinda Meyer, Jan Hyatt, Mary Knysh and Camille Dempsey)
Creating Inquiry: Constructivism. Assessment, Evaluation, Arts Infusion, Standards-based Lesson Planning, Inquiry, Documentation
Review the goals of the grant

1. Reading/writing assignment for new students
2. Becky Leandro presents movie making - See iMovie Resources and Video Effective Practices and Adding Citations to End of Videos and Video Editing
3. Discuss: Is this constructivism? If so, how? How might you assess the learning from this activity? How might you document it? What standards are being addressed? Can we put our movies on the wiki? Hang on to them for class on 10/24/12.

1. Tania Bogatova presents evaluation of a residency 1.5 hours
2. Rosemary Omniewski presents the Carnival of the Hybrid Animals project

Camille Dempsey will present/facilitate:
1. Intro to project wiki:

2. Intro to documentation:
  • Documentation examples that may spark ideas in residencies - See samples
  • What is the purpose of documentation? Why does it matter?
  • Dialogue, recording, reflecting and sharing

3. Workshop - uploading iMovies to the wiki

4. What is TPACK and how does it relate to planning activities around technologies?

5. If time, explore:

6. Closing thoughts/reflections
Carnival of the Hybrid Animals working night (hands-on art)
Event Two for Year Three of Art in Action Carnival of the Hybrid Animals

Event Three: The River of Change Continues: Sustaining Deep Learning in and Through the Arts- facilitated by Rosemary Omniewski, Cory Wilkerson and Holly Nowak - In this third of three events we will be looking at models of effective practice to plan for the future sustainability of Art in Action arts infusion techniques in your classroom and in your school. Join us as we explore partnerships and resources from a national perspective.

I. Revisit the definitions of arts infusion and constructivism, how are they evidenced in this sustained arts integration program in Maryland:

2. Look at the emerging new National Arts Standards and specifically the cornerstone assessments. What does this mean for sustainability and creating partnerships within your school?




3. A Three Legged Stool: In groups by school district, explore sustainable Arts Infusion Models. What teams and partnerships do you see in action? What funding sources?

AC Moore – SC https://sites.google.com/site/acmoorearts/

Project Zero – Bostonhttp://www.pz.harvard.edu/

PAINT –Minneapolis http://sites.pcae.k12.mn.us/legacy/home/projects/newyorkmills

A+ school - NC http://aplus-schools.ncdcr.gov/inside-a-schools-2

Bates – Maryland http://www.edutopia.org/stw-arts-integration-research#memory

4. Compare and contrast these programs with your own experiences.
What is the unique property that causes this model to live on?
What lessons can you apply to your classroom? Your building? Your district?

5. TAP & LTR: Two PA Council on the Arts Funding opportunities that support Arts Infusion.

6. In groups by building, work together to brainstorm "Seeds of Action" plans- one for your classroom, one for your building and one for your district.

The handout for the last class will help you reflect on some of this semester's big ideas.

Cumulative Definition of Constructivism

Thoughts on Assessment